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Pick the Best Lock Method for Your Needs on Android Phone

Security is vital due to the amount of personal data we maintain on our smartphones. By default, Android phones are encrypted and provide numerous methods for locking and unlocking. Some are more convenient, while others are more secure.

Password Lock

When choosing a strong password, or passphrase for more strength, they are very secure. However, on average we unlock our phone a hundred times per day, making this method inconvenient. For the highest level of security, try using a password as a backup option to a biometric choice.

Pin Lock

A PIN lock provided an easy alternative to a password. However, it can be difficult to remember a strong PIN code. As with a password, a PIN is a good backup option to a biometric choice.

Pattern Lock

The pro for using a pattern lock is that they are both easy and intuitive. Unfortunately, most people tend to choose a simple, predictable pattern. Also, people can easily learn your pattern when looking over your shoulder.

Fingerprint Sensor Lock

Fingerprint sensors have become common and even are available in several entry-level Android phones. They are fast and very secure, but not always located in the right spot. The best time to use fingerprint sensors is as a default.

Facial Recognition Lock

Facial recognition locks are fast and there is nothing to remember; with just a glance, your phone is unlocked. Unfortunately, however, in its current form, facial recognition is not very secure. This locking method is fine to use only when not accessing payment or banking apps.

Iris Scanner Lock

The iris scanner lock method is one of the most secure forms of the biometric ID. However, when using this lock method, it can become hindered by bright glasses or light. It also requires a more deliberate gesture and more work than the fingerprint method.

Intelligent Scan Lock

Created by Samsun and used on the Galaxy S9, intelligent scan combines the best elements of both the iris and face scanning. However, as with facial recognition, it is not secure enough to use of banking and payment apps. This method should be used only if you would also use facial recognition alone.

Smart Lock

Android offers users five Smart Lock features built to make the action of unlocking your device less intrusive in addition to their main security choices.

On-body Detection allows your phone to remain unlocked when it senses you are carrying it, such as in a bag or pocket. This method is less about security and more about convenience.

Whenever you are in a specific location, such as home or work, Trusted Places unlocks your phone. However, while in these trusted places, anyone can use your device.

Since Android first introduced Trusted Face there have been improvements. Unfortunately, it is not secure as the other options.

Voice Match allows you to unlock your phone simply by saying the “OK Google” hotword. This is an excellent choice for those who use OK Google often, or for those who need access while in a hands-free setting, such as driving.

In the end, it is all up to you, the Android user, for which lock method works best for their needs.

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