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custom rom service

Custom ROM Service

custom rom service

Custom ROM Service

Have an android expert perform custom ROM service to transform your boring android into a unique beast of a device.

What is a Custom ROM?

Custom ROM is a custom version of the android operating system for rooted devices.  Think of it as custom-built firmware for your android device. Cell phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Motorola partner with carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to load their own version of android software on each device.  This version is often full of apps that you don’t want, but can’t remove. Unlock disabled or unavailable features.

Why would I want a Custom ROM?

Boost Performance -Take full control of your android device. Overclock, enhance audio, camera, display, and storage.

Fully customized Android – enthusiasts love to make their own. Custom ROM allows you to completely change the way your device software looks and acts.

Kick the bloatware – Apps you can’t uninstall from the manufacturer or carrier.

Stop forced updates – Your device updates automatically, without your permission.

It’s Reversible – Unroot back to the stock firmware if you want to sell your android.

Frequent Updates – Don’t wait months for your carrier to push a new Android version. Custom ROM developers can turn them out within a few weeks. Stay on the cutting edge of what Android is capable of.

New Life – Older android devices are not dead. Bring new life to your android that stopped getting manufacturer software updates.

Switch Easily – Go from one Custom ROM to another.

Unique Features – Each custom ROM has its own special features and functions.  Some look similar to the original manufacture-loaded software, while others are entirely different from the stock firmware.

How To Install Custom ROM

Unlocked Bootloader – Your device must have an unlockable bootloader to get a custom ROM

Root Your Android – To install a custom ROM, you need to root your device. Now you can remove and tinker with anything you like. Specific applications require root access to work

Custom Recovery – Flash custom software, modules, boot images, and more