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What is Android Rooting?

Rooting your Android device means gaining full access to the device’s software.  When you buy your Android, it is locked down from its full capability. You can only change a few settings the manufacturer or service provider allows.  A rooted Android device gives you control to modify the device’s software at the deepest level. It takes skills to follow detailed programming instructions.  Don’t try this yourself.

There is a risk that you could completely brick your device, turning it into an expensive paperweight if you make a mistake. We can overclock your device processor to boost performance. Root allows us to remove annoying bloatware apps. Tweak settings and kill background apps to improve battery life drastically. Customize software features, icons, hardware buttons, and boot animation. Fixing low internal storage prevents you from adding new apps or photos. It slows down your device to a crawl. Unlock free your mobile hotspot to use mobile data on a laptop or tablet.

Top Benefits of Android Root

Increased Customizability

Rooting allows you to remove pre-installed apps, change the look and feel of your device’s user interface, and access advanced settings that are not available on unrooted devices. This gives you more control over your Android and the ability to tailor it to specific needs.

Improved Performance:

By removing bloatware and other unnecessary system processes, rooting can improve the performance and speed of your Android device. Additionally, users can overclock their device’s processor and tweak other settings to boost performance further.

Access to Advanced Features:

Rooting allows users to access advanced features that are not available on unrooted devices, such as the ability to backup entire system images, use custom ROMs, and install apps that require root access. This can give users access to powerful tools and functionality that are not otherwise available.

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Top Rooting Android Myths 

Unlock your device for a service carrier

Change your wireless provider

Clean a bad or blacklisted ESN /IMEI

Fix a cracked screen

Android Rooting Facts 

Android rooting is a complicated process unique to each device

Online guides and YouTube videos are often wrong or outdated

Trying to root android yourself can cause you to lose data or make it unusable

Technical processes should leave it to android experts