Root Android

What is Rooting?

Rooting your device means gaining full access to the device software.  When you buy your android device it is locked down from its full capability. You can only change a few settings the manufacturer or service provider allows.  A rooted android device gives you control to modify the device’s software at the deepest level.

It takes skills to follow detailed programming instructions.  There is a huge chance that you could completely brick your device turning it into an expensive paper weight if you try yourself.

We can overclock your device processor to boost performance

Must be rooted to remove annoying bloatware apps

We tweak settings and kill background apps to drastically improve battery life

Customize software features, icons, hardware buttons, and boot animation

Low internal storage prevents you from adding new apps and slows down your device

Use mobile data on a laptop or tablet instead of paying extra for mobile hotspot

Get Lollipop now.  Upgrade to a newer android version instead of waiting months for Over-The-Air Updates (OTAs) from your carrier. 

  • Unlock your device for service carrier
  • Change your wireless provider
  • Clean a bad or blacklisted ESN /IMEI
  • Fix a cracked screen
  • Rooting is a complicated process unique to each device
  • Many online guides and YouTube videos are wrong or outdated
  • Trying to root android yourself can leave your device unusable
  • Should only be performed by android professionals