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What is a Bricked Android?

A “bricked” Android device is the term used to describe a completely unusable and unresponsive Android, much like a brick.

Your Android is a bricked android if it cannot boot normally, and you may see only a black screen or a boot loop. Sometimes, a computer may recognize it, but it’s not operational.

It is essential to mention that not all bricked Android devices are permanently damaged. Depending on the cause of the issue, it may be possible to restore the Android to working condition using specialized software or following specific steps to repair the firmware.


When an Android device enters a boot loop, it usually displays the manufacturer logo or other start-up graphics before restarting, and the cycle repeats.

Android turns on, then off, and on again, often until the battery is drained.

Stuck on boot Logo

Android turns on but fails to get past the start logo

Failed Root, ROM, or Update

Various reasons cause the problem, such as failed firmware updates and incompatible ROMs. A bad update or ROM can brick your Android.

How does Android Fix service work?

We can repair your bricked Android phone or tablet when it’s stuck on the boot screen or boot-looping.  Don’t worry if you tried to root your phone and failed or tried to update to the latest ROM, but it didn’t work.  We can even unroot and restore to factory settings.  Just bring your Android to the experts!