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Unlock Your Android Smartphone When its Pattern Is Forgotten

Everyone forgets things at times. Perhaps you forgot to lock the front door; where you placed your car keys; or maybe you forgot the PIN or pattern on your Android device. Fortunately, many methods are available to bypass your lock screen and gain access to your Android device. What method to use may also depend on the version of your Android device; some may not work on older versions.

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is the best and easiest way to gain access to an Android device when the PIN is forgotten. To work, you must be logged into your Google account.

Log in to Android Device Manager from your computer and choose which device you wish to gain access to from the devices associated with your Google account. Hit “Lock” although it sounds counter-intuitive. The original code will be overwritten once your phone is locked with a new code.

This method works on Android version 2.3 or higher.

Smart Lock

The newer versions of Android are unable to be unlocked with your Google account due to greater security than the older ones. They do, however, have a Smart Lock feature that allows you to unlock the phone automatically depending on the condition, such as connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi. With Smart Lock, simply go home to unlock your Android device when you forget the PIN or pattern.

This method works on Android version 5.0 or higher.

Google Account

If you have forgotten your pattern, there is no need to worry about this simple method to gain access to your Android device.

If you have attempted to gain access to your Android device five times and failed, you will be locked out. The good news is if you are unable to get to a computer to log into your Google account, and the option will appear at the bottom of the screen of your device that states, “Forgot Pattern”. Select it and now you can sign into your Google account. You will be able to choose a new pattern, lock, PIN, etc., and unlock your Android device once it is authenticated through your Google account.

This method works on Android version 4.4 and lower.

Third-Party Options

Some manufacturers of smartphone devices have included their own security software with their device, such as Samsung with Find My Mobile. This option must be set up prior to forgetting your pattern to allow you access to the device.

Factory Reset

Keep in mind, with a factory reset, all your data will be erased. Be sure to try the other methods above be proceeding to factory reset.

The simplest way to factory reset is by going online and log into Android Device Manager. A hardware reset must be done if you are unable to gain access to Android Device Manager or your Google account.

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