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Helpful Tips and Tricks for Smartphones

Img: www.Pexels.com

Img: www.Pexels.com

It is always helpful to find tips and tricks for your Android smartphone, whether you’re new to Android or a seasoned user. We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful tips and tricks that help enhance your experience while utilizing an Android smartphone.

1. Weather Forecast on Lock Screen

To help make life a little easier, place your weather forecast on the lock screen. Eliminate the need of unlocking the screen each time you want to check the weather. There are several apps that can be used to accomplish this, with our favorite being Beautiful Widgets. This is a free app available to Android users.

2. Disable Animations

To disable animations on your Android, you must access Developer Options. This can be found either in About Device or in Settings. However, you may need to enable these options by going to Build Number and repeatedly tap on it. After a few taps, a message pops up informing you that you are now a developer.

To disable animations, go to Developer Options. Next, look for Animations Duration Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Window Animation Scale. Last, go through and disable each one.

3. Turn Off Mobile Data

Save your battery from draining fast when you have no need to stay connected by disabling your Mobile Data. Simply head to Settings > Data Usage. Next, move the setting for Mobile Data to the OFF position. Easily switch back on when needed.

4. Turn Off App Notifications

Another way to save battery life is by turning off those pesky app notifications. To do so, head to Settings > Apps. Next, for each app you no longer wish to receive a notification, open and uncheck the Show Notifications then press OK.

5. Turn Off Automatic App Updates

If you are one that prefers to manually choose which apps to update and when you can by turning off automatic updates in Play Store. First, open Play Store > Settings. Next, tap Auto-update apps and select Do not auto-update apps.

To manually update apps, open Play Store, tap on the top left-hand corner and select My Apps. In here you’ll see your apps which need updating. You can tap on each one individually to update or choose Update All to update them all at one time.

6. Stay Organized with Folders

Keep your home screen looking clean by use of folders. Folders also allow apps to be found quickly. To create folders, press and drag one shortcut over another that you wish to place in the same folder. You should now see a folder that opens by tapping on it. Drag and drop any other app shortcuts you want into the folder.

You will get more out of your Android smartphone when you use these helpful tips and tricks.

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