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Get IQ Android Uncategorized Is Your Android Working Properly?

Is Your Android Working Properly?

A properly working Android smartphone consists of several different components. However, if just one of these is malfunctioning, your entire experience will be thrown off.

How would you go about identifying what is wrong with your Android smartphone? The good news is, there are apps available to help detect the problem and how to fix it. If your Android is running great, it can be a good idea to do a check-up to help keep it that way.

The first app you need to try available at the Play Store is Google Device Assist. However, for Moto or Nexus, APK must be downloaded and installed manually.

Google Device Assist to Solve Android Issues

Google Device Assist app is more than just an issue checker. Beginners are offered advice and tips on how they can take advantage of their device.

The different modes to choose from when this app is booted up include Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Tips that are shown will depend on what mode you choose.

To navigate, scroll through the display of cards. If you want to search for a particular problem, this can be done at the top-right. To look at your previous actions, information about your Android, or change settings, simply select the three-dot icon.

This app also gives users tricks on other apps by Google.

Phone Doctor Plus to Run Check-Ups

Phone Doctor Plus is an app that is basically a smartphones doctor. You can do a number of check-ups on your device to ensure proper functioning. While running tests, you will notice a progress bar filling on the top. Records of dates and what parts were tested are kept so you know when each component was and wasn’t working. In addition, different components status and health can be checked, such as battery and CPU.

JScreenFix Can Bring Your Screen Back to Life

With the use of some apps, defective or dead pixels can be detected, however, they are not able to fix the problem. For screens with stuck pixels, there just might be help for them.

Hardware defects that are cause for stuck pixels have no hope with an app. But other types of stuck pixels need help going through their 3 different options (blue, green, red) as many times as it takes until they are refreshed. By going to the website JScreenFix you can find help for your stuck pixels.

A black screen displays helping identify any stuck pixels. Next, a little square appears which is used to place over the dead pixel’s area, shuffling quickly through the different colors. It is advised to keep running approximately ten minutes.

If you are still finding your Android isn’t working properly, try asking a professional Android service member.

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