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Get IQ Android Uncategorized Deleted Text Messages on Your Android? Recover Them Now!

Deleted Text Messages on Your Android? Recover Them Now!

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Recover Deleted Text Messages Easily

Many times we delete a text message on our Android device only to realize later we needed the information it contained. When this happens, we need to find a way to recover these deleted text messages to gain access to them once again.

You likely heard people say how files remain on your computer even after they are deleted. This is a fact. After deletion, files remain on a hard drive until they are replaced or retrieved at a later time. Android phones work in the same way. Everything that we delete on our Android device, including text messages, stay until this space is needed by other data.

Learning About Deletion

You may not see how this can be possible. However, after learning about deletion, you will see its actually a simple concept. In the majority of cases, files or text messages are not erased immediately from a system. They are marked as an inactive file, making it invisible with the ability to be replaced. New files are added to your device as you continue your use, and they begin replacing content which was deleted. What this means, if you have a text message that needs recovering, it is best to stop using your device before it is wiped out permanently.

Date Recovery Software 

If you are in real need to get that information deleted in that text message, it is possible to get it back by using data recovery software. This software scans your Android device for deleted content and if any still exists, the software retrieves it.

There are several data recovery tools available for Android devices. There are some that are free and some are paid ones. However, there is a free trial period available with many paid ones. Some of the more popular ones include Dr. Fone, Android Data Recovery, FonePaw Android Data Recovery, and Coolmuster SMS + Contacts Recovery.

After choosing which software utility to use, the process is simple. Install the one you chose to your PC and run it. Be sure that USB Debugging is turned on which is located in Android Setting app under Developer Tools.

There is a specific step which needs to be followed for each software. Some require an Android app on your PC to do the work, while others allow the software to do it. Make sure instructions are followed for the program you use.

Avoiding This in the Future

To avoid recovering deleted text messages in the future you need to prevent it from happening again. There are apps available to backup text messages, and other content as well. Some popular choices are Easy Backup & Restore and SMS Backup & Restore.

Of course, if you need additional help then a professional is able to walk you through the steps or do this for you. You do not have to worry about having text messages that are lost forever on your Android phone.

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