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How to Lock a SIM Card & Encrypt Data on Android

Encryption & SIM Lock Android Security Features

Is data being encrypted on your smartphone by you? If you fail to do so, if the phone is ever stolen there is a risk of losing it. Encrypt your android to protect sensitive personal data.  Its easy to do with software that is usually provided by the device manufacturer or in the operating system.

Simplicity of Securing Your Smartphone

Due to threats being so high of smartphone theft, it is highly important handsets have locks applied to them. Use a PIN, a shape you swipe on screen display, or facial recognition to unlock your secured phone.

To set this up on Android, go to Settings > Security > Screen security. Next you want to tap Screen lock where choices between PIN, Swipe, Password, and Pattern can be selected as methods for access. Choose whichever one you like best to unlock your Android phone.

When using a Windows Phone, go to Settings > Applications > Phone, and enable SIM security. Enter a PIN according to your network provider’s instructions. This gives you two PIN codes now on your phone, one unlocks the screen and the other unlocks the PIN.

On an iOS, Settings > Phone > SIM PIN then enter the network-provided, existing SIM PIN for confirmation.

Encrypting Data on Android Smartphones

Locking a phone is helpful, but to have ideal security, you should encrypt your data.

Android data encryption is separated from linked to the passcode once activated. Keep in mind however, if you forget your PIN once encryption is applied, your data remains unattainable. Only way for data to be decrypted is by your PIN.

To encrypt data on an Android device, connect the charger. Next go to Settings > Security > Encryption > Encrypt Phone. Be sure to read warning/explanation and understand encryption implications. If happy, select ENCRYPT PHONE. During this process, your phone is not able to run apps, make calls, etc.

If your phone has slowed down dramatically, you are able to return and disable encryption by going to Settings > Security > Encryption > Encrypt Phone. 

Encrypting data on iOS is much simpler. When a PIN or passcode is set on your device, the data is encrypted.

Encrypting data on Windows Phone can be done if an organization manages your phone and is done by way of Microsoft Exchange server. Otherwise users must wait for Microsoft Mobile 10 update for another way of encrypting their data.

Using these ways to secure your smartphone helps ensure data stored will not be stolen if your device is.

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