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Get IQ Android Uncategorized Charge Your Android Phone Faster with These Tips and Tricks

Charge Your Android Phone Faster with These Tips and Tricks

If you are like everyone else, you are guilty of realizing you have forgotten to charge your phone as you are getting ready to head out the door. You have a few minutes to spare, do you decide to plug the phone into its charger to give it a quick battery boost. However, only three percent was added before you have no choice but unplug it and leave. What can you do in the future to help avoid this from happening?

Battery life of an Android smartphone involves numerous factors. However, using your phone wisely as well as having the correct equipment, you can save a lot of aggravation by following these tips and tricks.

Airplane Mode

Your phone recharges quicker when it is trying to do less while charging. Wireless radios are blocked on your phone when in airplane mode. Placing your Android smartphone on airplane mode reduces its capabilities which prevents it from doing many things. While calls and messages will not be received during this time, it is worth the quicker charge.

Turn Phone Off

Your phone will recharge even quicker than when put on airplane mode by turning it off completely. As with airplane mode, having your phone last longer while away from home may be worth missing a few notifications.

Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Look to find if there are any unnecessary features turned on, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, or GPS. These features could be taking up battery life. Stop your phone from updating apps or doing automatic updates, and close all of your apps.

Do Not Touch

If you are expecting an important call or text and are unable to turn the phone off or place it in airplane mode, attempt not to use every few seconds. The largest battery drainer is the screen on your phone. Which means, the battery drains faster with the more you wake your phone. Leave the phone to charge and attempt to not check each and every notification that makes a sound.

Purchase Portable Charger

A portable charger will not charge your smartphone quicker, but the issue of having no time to fully charge it when the battery is low is resolved. For under $20, you can purchase a small, lightweight portable charger.

A portable charger easily fits in your pocket allowing you to charge your Android phone while on-the-go. There is no need to worry about forgetting to recharge your phone and the last-minute rush to juice the battery when you have a portable phone charger.

Trying these tips and tricks can help you charge your Android smartphone faster.

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