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The Best Open-Source Desktop Apps Available for Android

Open-source software is free, flexible, and secure. Here are some of the best open-source apps available for Android:


When it comes to open-source browsers, desktop users are spoiled with their many choices. Just to name a few, there is Chromium, Midori, Brave, and Konqueror. However, Mozilla Firefox is by-far the best.

Firefox’s open-source Android version of the app boasts all the excellent features of a quality browser, such as cross-device syncing, tracking protection, and a wide range of add-ons.

Download Firefox for Free


Available on all major operating systems, VLC is among the best media players in the world today. Launched in 2001, was originally intended to be a client/server system with the ability to stream videos across a campus network in Paris but rapidly grew too much more.

VLC is able to play almost every video, subtitle file, or audio you try. Also, despite the lack of CSS decryption license, this app is able to play CSS-encrypted videos.

Download VLC for Free


KeePass offers Twofish and AES encryption, protection against dictionary and guessing attacks, the SHA-256 hash for the master key components, process memory protection, and much more. While the Android ports of KeePass are unofficial, it has received almost exclusively 5-star reviews as well as been downloaded over three million times.

Download KeePassDroid for Free


A search engine with a strong focus on security and privacy, DuckDuckGo is now known by most. While DuckDuckGo can be accessed through any browser, it is included in this list due to the company once offering a standalone app for the Windows operating system and the desktop browser extensions.

DuckDuckGo may not be an entirely open-source app, however, every day it is moving more towards it becoming wholly open-source.

Download DuckDuckGo for Free


An open-source BitTorrent, Tribler has great strength on anonymity. Developers of this app designed a custom Tor network that includes encryption, hidden seeding, and onion routing.

As with most of the BitTorrent clients, users can begin watching the videos prior to the download finishing as well as search for available content to download directly from within the app’s interface.


If you are like some people today, you are interested in building a website. Thirty percent of the world’s top 10 million web pages are powered by WordPress.

In 2015, WordPress (WorPress.com) became open-source along with the already open-source WordPress.org. To facilitate the change, developer Automatic rewrote the entire app from the beginning.

The app supports both WordPress.com and WordPress.org and allows you to write, edit, publish posts, in addition to managing your site and check statistics.

Download WordPress for Free

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