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Customize Your Phone with These Top Apps

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One of the many reasons why people choose Android over iPhone is the ability to customize almost anything. Google Play store has more than 2 million apps for users to download to help with their customizing. Here are some of the top apps we gathered to customize your Android phone:



Changing wallpaper on your Android phone is simple, and with Zedge, let the wallpaper enhance your mood. Zedge includes:

  • Free wallpapers, icon packs, ringtones, notification sounds, and widgets.
  • Popular themes include landscapes, sports, inspirational quotes, abstracts, and live wallpapers as well.
  • Millions of home screen backgrounds and custom sized wallpapers

Walli – HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Another excellent choice is Walli:

  • Creative and unique wallpapers designed exclusively by artists for your Android device
  • Clearly, view which wallpapers are recent, recommended, and popular
  • Categories to browse include animals, nature, space, skulls, and much more


Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Makers allows users to create ringtones, notifications, and alarms. Users can also cut, copy, paste, fade in and out, adjust volume, and more. Easily record new audio to edit to your liking. Ringtones can be assigned by contact and re-assign if needed. Stay organized by sorting by artists, tracks, or albums.

Ringtone Maker Pro

Ringtone Maker Pro allows the user to create ringtones from their existing music and easily assign them to their contacts. Users can also create custom ringtones, alarms, notifications, and music. Ringtone Maker Pro allows you to record new sounds as well and with an organized list, users can keep track of all their ringtones.

Lock Screen

Customization of lock screen serves many purposes such as beauty, safety, and productivity. These apps have much of what we want in a single app, there is no need to download three separate apps to get productivity, beauty, and protection.

Locker Master

  • Wide variety of clever and unique methods to unlock, more than easy swiping gestures and patterns for passwords
  • Users create beautiful, complex, personalized lock screen themes
  • Vast selection of decorations, clock designs, props, and sprites to mix and match
  • Lock screen shows missed calls and unread SMS messages

CM Lockers – Applock Lock Screen

  • Pattern password and PIN lock security protects your phone from intruders
  • Snap picture of would-be intruders who attempt to enter the wrong password and instantly sends it to your e-mail
  • Filled with incredible themes, wallpapers, and password modes


Custom keyboards are available whether you want a more convenient way to type or extra functionality.

Custom keyboards include:

These are just a sample of what can be customized with your Android phone. Check out some of these apps, then see what else you can find to make the experience more personal. You can also try these offline apps for a bit more fun with your Android phone! 

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