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Android Protection with Security & Antivirus

android security protection

Protection for Android Smartphones

It’s common knowledge that antivirus protection is needed on your laptop or desktop computers. These machines must have constant defense against cyber criminals . However, should an Android smartphone have similar protection? To answer this quickly, yes. Protect android with security apps that can defend against known security vulnerabilities.

Play Store Security Apps

Unfortunately, stores selling Android apps, which includes Google Play Store, tend to be laid back when it has to do with screen apps. Because of this, apps containing malware keep finding their way into these stores. One threat that continuously pops up over the last few years is Ransomware. Save yourself several headaches by protecting against this if you accidentally get yourself one of these malicious apps.

Android operating system has more than ninety-five percent of mobile type malware targeting it. Thankfully, with this many threats, there are numerous high-quality security and antivirus protection Android apps available. Choosing which one you want to use basically depends on the interface you believe is easier to use.

AV-Test.org test rank the following apps with top marks:

  • Alibaba Mobile Security
  • ESET
  • AVL by Antiy
  • G Data
  • BullGuard
  • Baidu
  • Sophos
  • BitDefender
  • Qihoo 360
  • Kaspersky Lab

Apps must pass tests of detection on more than three thousand pieces of malware from the real-world to receive high marks for AV-Tests.org. They must also have little effect toward the battery life of the phone, and no false alarms can be triggered. Many of these security apps have other features included. Qihoo 360’s sports Privacy Protection and ESET’s Security Audit, to name a couple.

Firewall Protection

For added protection to your Android smartphone, you can install DroidWall that provides you with a firewall. However, the majority of these apps require that your device is rooted, which can open it up to further dangers. A firewall increases the security, but the way in which Androids are typically attacked, having a firewall is not necessarily required.

Take a crucial step to protect your Android smartphone against malvertising.  There are not as many options available for protection against malvertising due to how new it has become a major threat. Disconnect is an excellent privacy browser extension. They offer their users Disconnect Malvertising as a solution for anti-malvertising which can be downloaded for to your Android phone. Adblock Browser, from Adblock Plus, stops ads even before they have a chance to load.

No matter what you download to your phone, it is always a good idea to have some protection. Using one of these options above, you should be protected correctly.

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