The Best Open-Source Desktop Apps Available for Android

Open-source software is free, flexible, and secure. Here are some of the best open-source apps available for Android:


When it comes to open-source browsers, desktop users are spoiled with their many choices. Just to name a few, there is Chromium, Midori, Brave, and Konqueror. However, Mozilla Firefox is by-far the best.

Firefox’s open-source Android version of the app boasts all the excellent features of a quality browser, such as cross-device syncing, tracking protection, and a wide range of add-ons.

Download Firefox for Free


Available on all major operating systems, VLC is among the best media players in the world today. Launched in 2001, was originally intended to be a client/server system with the ability to stream videos across a campus network in Paris but rapidly grew too much more.

VLC is able to play almost every video, subtitle file, or audio you try. Also, despite the lack of CSS decryption license, this app is able to play CSS-encrypted videos.

Download VLC for Free


KeePass offers Twofish and AES encryption, protection against dictionary and guessing attacks, the SHA-256 hash for the master key components, process memory protection, and much more. While the Android ports of KeePass are unofficial, it has received almost exclusively 5-star reviews as well as been downloaded over three million times.

Download KeePassDroid for Free


A search engine with a strong focus on security and privacy, DuckDuckGo is now known by most. While DuckDuckGo can be accessed through any browser, it is included in this list due to the company once offering a standalone app for the Windows operating system and the desktop browser extensions.

DuckDuckGo may not be an entirely open-source app, however, every day it is moving more towards it becoming wholly open-source.

Download DuckDuckGo for Free


An open-source BitTorrent, Tribler has great strength on anonymity. Developers of this app designed a custom Tor network that includes encryption, hidden seeding, and onion routing.

As with most of the BitTorrent clients, users can begin watching the videos prior to the download finishing as well as search for available content to download directly from within the app’s interface.


If you are like some people today, you are interested in building a website. Thirty percent of the world’s top 10 million web pages are powered by WordPress.

In 2015, WordPress ( became open-source along with the already open-source To facilitate the change, developer Automatic rewrote the entire app from the beginning.

The app supports both and and allows you to write, edit, publish posts, in addition to managing your site and check statistics.

Download WordPress for Free

Control Your Social Media Use with These Android Apps

On average, we check our smartphones approximately 150 times per day. Even while we are in bed, our phone is a priority, with 71% of users sleeping with their device a mere 3 feet from them. Also, studies have found that 1 in 3 users bring their smartphone with them into the bathroom. These numbers are astounding, to say the least.

If you are like the users found in this study, you may want to control your social media use with these following apps:

Quality Time – My Digital Diet

Quality Time is one of the best apps to help you control your social media use, having more than 1 million downloads. Included in this Android apps top-features is the ability to provide a unique, in-depth analysis of tracking your phones activities such as screen unlocks, usage, as well as individual apps. Track in day, week, or month. Also, receive a notification when you have reached a pre-selected time limit on your social media apps.

Download Quality Time

Instant – Quality Self, Track screen time usage

Instant is by far one of the best apps to use for when you want to control the amount of time that is spent on activities. This app does not limit the control on only social networks, but also exercising, sleeping, traveling, or visiting places. Instant collects real-time data making is simple to set short-term objectives or goals for time spent on social media, sleeping, or daily exercise.

Download Instant

Forest – Stay focused

Similar to the Pomodoro Technique which breaks down work and leisure in 25 minutes work time and 5 minutes of leisure, this app makes the user more responsible for their phone usage. This allows the user to focus on the more significant things in life. With Forest, you plant a tree in the forest and over time it will grow. However, the tree will wither away if you leave to check social media before time is up.

Download Forest


Short for “if this, then that”, IFTTT contains hundreds of options allowing you to reduce the amount of time spent on social media or checking your phone. For example, have certain apps turn off automatically when you enter your work office. Or, have your Android device send a message to a specific contact when leaving your house. How many times you need to take out your phone is reduced to the more creative you get.

Download IFTTT

Take some time to try out each of these great apps before choosing your favorite.

Backup Your Pics Using Google Photos

Google Photos is a fantastic way to backup your pictures. In addition to backing up your Android photos, this remarkable app provides ways to edit, share, and gives you great control over each aspect of the image. This includes choosing which folders to back-up, viewing pictures you previously shared, and the image quality to upload your photo. With Google Photos, never lose a photo again.

Set-Up Google Photos

To begin, open Google Photos and sign in to your Google account. If you don’t already have one, take a minute to create one. You are offered two choices on the image quality to upload your photos – original or optimized. Choose original if you’re planning on creating a photo book, you’re a somewhat serious photographer or want little quality degradation for archiving. Keep in mind, the 15GB of storage on your Google account is quickly used up with original back-ups. However, unlimited storage is available for optimized photos and is great if planning on sharing online mostly, such as with social media or email.

When back-up takes place, there is much flexibility available with Google Photos. To ensure you’re not using too much data, you can choose to only back up when over Wi-Fi. Also, to minimize battery usage, you can choose for back-ups only to occur while the phone is charging.

Google Photos is more than backing up your Android photos. Select which folder you want backed-up, downloads, screenshots, Instagram, and more. Head to Back up & sync > Back up device folder to change folders on/off options.

You also have the choice to manually back-up an individual video or photo. Open the desired image, select the three-dot menu located on the top-right, and select Back up now. More than one item can be selected for manual back-up.

Google Photo Assistant

With Assistant, you receive updates about your Google Photos library. When photos are being backed-up or a new Creation is available, a card similar to those on Google Now appears. The assistant can also inform you when your internal storage is running low and allows you to clear out photos that you’re already backed-up to your Google Photos account. Different actions are available with each card.


Sort through your photos quickly and automatically by people, places, and things. Find a photo of your daughter’s first day of school with just a few taps. You’ll be amazed at how accurate search is.

Shared Albums

Google Photos makes sharing easy. Either choose the album you wish to share, hit the share icon, and enter the email or name of the person to send it to. Or, create a new Shared Album where you can decide on whether the people you share with can or cannot contribute to the album.

Explore the many other different ways Google Photos can make your images awesome!

Best Android To-Do Apps for 2018

Let’s face it, everyone has a busy life and trying to remain organized his its challenges. Trying to remember to grab milk at the store, hit the gym, or make it to your doctor in time can be overwhelming, to say the least. However, thanks to Android to-do apps, keeping track of everything has gotten easier than ever before.

Here are the best Android to-do apps for 2018: is one of the most popular to-do lists apps available for Android. This app includes a wide range of features, such as subtasks, reminders, ability to move task items between lists, add notes with media attachments, as well as sharing lists and assigning tasks with others. cloud syncs with almost platform available, including Alexa, desktop, and tablet. Built-in support for Cal Calendar and easy to use interface makes this a powerful app.


Google Keep

In addition to note-keeping, Google Keep has other features built in as well making it an ideal to-do list app. Simply create a list by using the checklist feature. Easily “add to to-do list” or “take a note” by using “OK” Google. Google Keep has a reminder feature that works on either a time frame or your location. This app is already included on many smartphones which allows you to save space and time trying third party apps.

Download Google Keep


One of the more powerful to-do list apps, Todoist can do almost whatever you need. With Todoist, tasks can be added, completed or rescheduled from your smartphone as well as many other platforms. There is an offline mode to make it simple to use when you need to manage your list while off the grid. This app integrates with many other apps, includes inboxes, tags, and Android Wear support. Track your productivity and make goals with the points system.

Download Todoist

Remember the Milk

While the name may suggest it is for groceries, Remember the Milk has the ability to do more than just that. The idea of this app is to clear your head quickly by letting this app remember everything for you instead. Get tasks done easier and quicker by sharing your lists and assigning tasks to others. Receive reminders via text, email, Twitter, IM, and more. Organize lists of due dates, priorities, tags, repeat, lists, or more. Integrate with Google Calendar, Gmail, Evernote, Twitter, and more.

Download Remember the Milk

Microsoft To-Do

While Microsoft may not be as rich in features as Wunderlust was, it is still an ideal to-do app. Smart Suggestions make organizing your day simpler. Syncs with your desktop to allow you to access your to-dos no matter where you are. Add, organize, and set reminders with Microsoft To-Do.

Download Microsoft To-Do

Google store has numerous apps that can help you stay organized. While each of them has their own pros and cons, you are sure to find the best Android to-do list app that fits all your needs.

Keep Your 2018 New Year Resolution with Android’s Best Health & Fitness App

The New Year has just begun and so have those resolutions to get fit. Are you beginning to feel you are going to the gym so much there is hardly time for much else? Well, with the help of some excellent apps for your Android phone, going to the gym is not the only way to get fit. We gathered Android’s best health and fitness apps to help you keep your 2018 New Year resolution.

Pocket Yoga

There are many health benefits of yoga, including help with muscle strength, posture, flexibility, and much more. But, going to the gym for classes takes time and money not everyone has making the app Pocket Yoga a must want for anyone looking to get fit.

Pocket Yoga includes 5 sets of workouts with different “environments” or backgrounds for each. In addition to environment, you choose the difficulty level and duration of each one. There are audio instructions and a running animation that shows the proper posture. If you wish to practice a specific pose, the app has a vast list to choose from.

Pocket Yoga is available for $2.99

Sworkit Lite

Circuit training is available in bite-sized pieces with Sworkit. This app is designed to work on your schedule; meaning you can set how long you wish to workout, no matter if you have only 5 minutes or an entire hour. There are pre-made workouts listed in four main categories: Yoga, Cardio, Stretching, and Strength. Or create your own personalized workout by copying a workout from their list or choose from dozens of exercises available.

Sworkit has more than a dozen workouts which you can copy and customize and more than 160 exercises available to choose from. When choosing from the apps available workouts, you are given several options, such as how long you will be going for and what part of the body you want to focus on. To ensure you are using the proper form during the workout, you will get a video of each exercise.

Sworkit Lite is available for Free and Sworkit Pro for $2.99

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

You can work out almost every day of the week, but without knowing what kind of calories you are taking in, you are likely not going to achieve your goal. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal takes care of this for you. You are asked to input your height and weight as well as activity level when you log into the app and a calorie goal is created for you.

You have the ability to log all your meals and snacks and receive reminders to do so if you want. Add your own recipes and favorite foods or get a breakdown value of the many foods available on the app. Also, keep track of your measurement and weight goals with MyFitnessPal tracking tool.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is available for Free or upgrade for $49.99 a year or $9.99 a month

Make keeping your 2018 resolutions simple by using one of the many health and fitness apps available for Android.

Use Windows 10 for Android Incoming Call Alerts


If you are a user of Windows 10 and an Android smartphone, whenever you miss or receive a call you can obtain phone alerts directly on your computer. To do so, you must set-up Cortana on your Android smartphone. 

Once you’ve finished downloading and installing the official Cortana app, log in by using the same account you used on your computer for Microsoft. Then in a matter of minutes, you can begin receiving phone alerts on your computer by turning on notifications in the Cortana app. 

Setting Up Cortana On Your Android Smartphone

First, open up the Cortana app on your smartphone and head to Settings > Notifications. Next, toggle on Call Notification and Missed Call Notification. While in settings, if you wish to receive alerts when your battery runs low, be sure to toggle on Low Battery Notifications. Also, toggle on App Notifications to receive additional alerts on your Windows 10 computer. By toggling on App Notifications, you are able to select which apps you wish to receive phone alerts for.

To ensure notifications are toggled on your Windows 10 computer, head to Settings > System > Notifications & actions. Under “Get notifications from these senders”, your smartphone should be listed. As will all other senders, setting notifications can be easily adjusted. 

Setting included that can be adjusted:

  • Notifications
  • Show notification banner
  • Keep notifications private on the lock screen
  • Show notifications in action center
  • Play a sound when a notification arrives
  • Number of notifications visible in action center
  • Priority of notifications in action center

An alert will be sent to your computer with the name and number of the contact when you either miss or receive a call on your Android smartphone. While it is impossible to answer a call from a Windows 10 computer, you are able to send a text message response. This nifty feature is helpful when you are out of reach with your smartphone or are in a meeting. 


Use Cortana to Sync Notifications from Android with Windows 10

All that is needed, Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your PC (which most people already have) and Microsoft’s Cortana on their android phone to sync Android with your Windows PC.

The Cortana App on Play Store

The official Cortana app is free for download and use and is available in the Play Store. Head on over there to download and install the app on your Android phone.

Your Windows 10 PC must have an active Microsoft account in order for Android notification sync to work. Use this same Microsoft account to sign in on the Cortana app. Once successfully signed in, tick the box located next to Let Cortana respond to Hey Cortana commands. You will now see Cortana begin to run.

Cortana Setup

On the top-left of your screen, press the three-line icon for menu choices. From the list, select Sync Notifications. From here, choose which notifications to sync with your PC. Default notification options include text messages, missed calls, and warning of low battery.

App alerts can sync as well by selecting App Notifications Sync from the bottom of the list. However, to select this option you must allow Cortana permission to notifications on your Android. After you agree, press Choose which apps to sync with a list of your available apps. To choose an app, simply slide over the button located next to it.

Everything’s finished! The action center on your Windows 10 PC will now show the notifications from your Android.

Alerts & Actions

With everything set up and ready to go, it’s time to learn what types of alerts you receive and action you can take.

  • Dismissing notification alerts on your Windows 10 PC dismisses them on your Android as well.
  • Alerts show on your Windows 10 PC about missed calls. Your contact list is synced with these missed calls on the chance it is from someone listed. This allows you to quickly respond back. Also, you can reply to missed calls by sending a text message through your Windows 10 PC.
  • Your incoming text messages are shown on the Windows 10 PC. From here, you can directly reply to them. In addition, you can send quick replies through the notification window pop up.
  • The majority of popular email apps and messaging apps work with the quick reply function.
  • If you find it becomes annoying due to receiving many alerts, notifications can be disabled from the Windows 10 PC itself. Head to Settings by pressing the cogwheel icon and select Don’t show notifications for this mobile app.

Now, thanks to Microsoft’s Cortana, a third-party app such as Pushbullet is no longer needed to sync your notifications. Cortana IS Siri’s alternative on Android devices.

Amazing Alternatives for Siri on Android Devices

Gaining rapidly in popularity is voice assistants. Siri has shown great benefits of efficiency among users of iPad and iPhone. The great news is, you don’t need to switch from your beloved Android to an Apple product to receive these awesome benefits. Alternatives to Siri are available for Android and are also growing in popularity.

Voice assistants listen to you when you speak. They are a great time saver by eliminating the need for typing. Try one of the following secure voice assistant apps to easily search for things for you:

Google Now

Already available on Android devices by default, Google Now gathers information important to you before you need it. This personal assistant uses suggestions based on your past search history, inbox history, and also what you’ve watched.

Google Now informs about traffic jams on your commute; tells you what time to arrive to catch that flight; also, shows the extended weather forecast.

What makes Google Now stand out among competitors is its outstanding voice recognition. It understands what you are trying to ask in addition to knowing what words are used in your questions.

Using the words, “OK Google,” start living your life more efficiently.


Microsoft’s Cortana is now also available for Android devices. Cross-platform makes Cortana appealing to users of Windows 10. Just one of its great benefits is the ability to send text messages via your PC. Also, users can speak to their PC in the same they speak to their tablet or smartphone giving Cortana an advantage over Google Now.


Many people don’t enjoy sharing information with the makers responsible for personal assistants. This is understandable. Using a personal assistant from a smaller developer, such as Robin is another option to choose.

Robin is a great challenger of Siri and is funnier than Google Now. This is a hands-free solution to find answers for communication, directions, and locations. Robin also has remarkable voice recognition.

Smart Voice Assistant

Smart Voice Assistant allows users to assign and activate their own custom keywords during setup. Additionally, users can assign custom names to phone numbers and contacts. The setup process may feel tedious, however, once finished, you know what your assistant can do for you.

Commands can be issued anytime thanks to the app running in the background. Fully dictate text messages you want to send, and have Smart Voice Assistant read any responses you receive. This is helpful when trying to drive but needing a text sent immediately.

There is no need to go without a personal assistant with your Android device. Whether you choose to use Google Now or go for one of the other apps, you’ll find efficiency at your fingertips.

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