Charge Your Android Phone Faster with These Tips and Tricks

If you are like everyone else, you are guilty of realizing you have forgotten to charge your phone as you are getting ready to head out the door. You have a few minutes to spare, do you decide to plug the phone into its charger to give it a quick battery boost. However, only three percent was added before you have no choice but unplug it and leave. What can you do in the future to help avoid this from happening?

Battery life of an Android smartphone involves numerous factors. However, using your phone wisely as well as having the correct equipment, you can save a lot of aggravation by following these tips and tricks.

Airplane Mode

Your phone recharges quicker when it is trying to do less while charging. Wireless radios are blocked on your phone when in airplane mode. Placing your Android smartphone on airplane mode reduces its capabilities which prevents it from doing many things. While calls and messages will not be received during this time, it is worth the quicker charge.

Turn Phone Off

Your phone will recharge even quicker than when put on airplane mode by turning it off completely. As with airplane mode, having your phone last longer while away from home may be worth missing a few notifications.

Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Look to find if there are any unnecessary features turned on, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, or GPS. These features could be taking up battery life. Stop your phone from updating apps or doing automatic updates, and close all of your apps.

Do Not Touch

If you are expecting an important call or text and are unable to turn the phone off or place it in airplane mode, attempt not to use every few seconds. The largest battery drainer is the screen on your phone. Which means, the battery drains faster with the more you wake your phone. Leave the phone to charge and attempt to not check each and every notification that makes a sound.

Purchase Portable Charger

A portable charger will not charge your smartphone quicker, but the issue of having no time to fully charge it when the battery is low is resolved. For under $20, you can purchase a small, lightweight portable charger.

A portable charger easily fits in your pocket allowing you to charge your Android phone while on-the-go. There is no need to worry about forgetting to recharge your phone and the last-minute rush to juice the battery when you have a portable phone charger.

Trying these tips and tricks can help you charge your Android smartphone faster.

Backup Your Pics Using Google Photos

Google Photos is a fantastic way to backup your pictures. In addition to backing up your Android photos, this remarkable app provides ways to edit, share, and gives you great control over each aspect of the image. This includes choosing which folders to back-up, viewing pictures you previously shared, and the image quality to upload your photo. With Google Photos, never lose a photo again.

Set-Up Google Photos

To begin, open Google Photos and sign in to your Google account. If you don’t already have one, take a minute to create one. You are offered two choices on the image quality to upload your photos – original or optimized. Choose original if you’re planning on creating a photo book, you’re a somewhat serious photographer or want little quality degradation for archiving. Keep in mind, the 15GB of storage on your Google account is quickly used up with original back-ups. However, unlimited storage is available for optimized photos and is great if planning on sharing online mostly, such as with social media or email.

When back-up takes place, there is much flexibility available with Google Photos. To ensure you’re not using too much data, you can choose to only back up when over Wi-Fi. Also, to minimize battery usage, you can choose for back-ups only to occur while the phone is charging.

Google Photos is more than backing up your Android photos. Select which folder you want backed-up, downloads, screenshots, Instagram, and more. Head to Back up & sync > Back up device folder to change folders on/off options.

You also have the choice to manually back-up an individual video or photo. Open the desired image, select the three-dot menu located on the top-right, and select Back up now. More than one item can be selected for manual back-up.

Google Photo Assistant

With Assistant, you receive updates about your Google Photos library. When photos are being backed-up or a new Creation is available, a card similar to those on Google Now appears. The assistant can also inform you when your internal storage is running low and allows you to clear out photos that you’re already backed-up to your Google Photos account. Different actions are available with each card.


Sort through your photos quickly and automatically by people, places, and things. Find a photo of your daughter’s first day of school with just a few taps. You’ll be amazed at how accurate search is.

Shared Albums

Google Photos makes sharing easy. Either choose the album you wish to share, hit the share icon, and enter the email or name of the person to send it to. Or, create a new Shared Album where you can decide on whether the people you share with can or cannot contribute to the album.

Explore the many other different ways Google Photos can make your images awesome!

Unlock Your Android Smartphone When its Pattern Is Forgotten

Everyone forgets things at times. Perhaps you forgot to lock the front door; where you placed your car keys; or maybe you forgot the PIN or pattern on your Android device. Fortunately, many methods are available to bypass your lock screen and gain access to your Android device. What method to use may also depend on the version of your Android device; some may not work on older versions.

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is the best and easiest way to gain access to an Android device when the PIN is forgotten. To work, you must be logged into your Google account.

Log in to Android Device Manager from your computer and choose which device you wish to gain access to from the devices associated with your Google account. Hit “Lock” although it sounds counter-intuitive. The original code will be overwritten once your phone is locked with a new code.

This method works on Android version 2.3 or higher.

Smart Lock

The newer versions of Android are unable to be unlocked with your Google account due to greater security than the older ones. They do, however, have a Smart Lock feature that allows you to unlock the phone automatically depending on the condition, such as connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi. With Smart Lock, simply go home to unlock your Android device when you forget the PIN or pattern.

This method works on Android version 5.0 or higher.

Google Account

If you have forgotten your pattern, there is no need to worry about this simple method to gain access to your Android device.

If you have attempted to gain access to your Android device five times and failed, you will be locked out. The good news is if you are unable to get to a computer to log into your Google account, and the option will appear at the bottom of the screen of your device that states, “Forgot Pattern”. Select it and now you can sign into your Google account. You will be able to choose a new pattern, lock, PIN, etc., and unlock your Android device once it is authenticated through your Google account.

This method works on Android version 4.4 and lower.

Third-Party Options

Some manufacturers of smartphone devices have included their own security software with their device, such as Samsung with Find My Mobile. This option must be set up prior to forgetting your pattern to allow you access to the device.

Factory Reset

Keep in mind, with a factory reset, all your data will be erased. Be sure to try the other methods above be proceeding to factory reset.

The simplest way to factory reset is by going online and log into Android Device Manager. A hardware reset must be done if you are unable to gain access to Android Device Manager or your Google account.

Best Android To-Do Apps for 2018

Let’s face it, everyone has a busy life and trying to remain organized his its challenges. Trying to remember to grab milk at the store, hit the gym, or make it to your doctor in time can be overwhelming, to say the least. However, thanks to Android to-do apps, keeping track of everything has gotten easier than ever before.

Here are the best Android to-do apps for 2018: is one of the most popular to-do lists apps available for Android. This app includes a wide range of features, such as subtasks, reminders, ability to move task items between lists, add notes with media attachments, as well as sharing lists and assigning tasks with others. cloud syncs with almost platform available, including Alexa, desktop, and tablet. Built-in support for Cal Calendar and easy to use interface makes this a powerful app.


Google Keep

In addition to note-keeping, Google Keep has other features built in as well making it an ideal to-do list app. Simply create a list by using the checklist feature. Easily “add to to-do list” or “take a note” by using “OK” Google. Google Keep has a reminder feature that works on either a time frame or your location. This app is already included on many smartphones which allows you to save space and time trying third party apps.

Download Google Keep


One of the more powerful to-do list apps, Todoist can do almost whatever you need. With Todoist, tasks can be added, completed or rescheduled from your smartphone as well as many other platforms. There is an offline mode to make it simple to use when you need to manage your list while off the grid. This app integrates with many other apps, includes inboxes, tags, and Android Wear support. Track your productivity and make goals with the points system.

Download Todoist

Remember the Milk

While the name may suggest it is for groceries, Remember the Milk has the ability to do more than just that. The idea of this app is to clear your head quickly by letting this app remember everything for you instead. Get tasks done easier and quicker by sharing your lists and assigning tasks to others. Receive reminders via text, email, Twitter, IM, and more. Organize lists of due dates, priorities, tags, repeat, lists, or more. Integrate with Google Calendar, Gmail, Evernote, Twitter, and more.

Download Remember the Milk

Microsoft To-Do

While Microsoft may not be as rich in features as Wunderlust was, it is still an ideal to-do app. Smart Suggestions make organizing your day simpler. Syncs with your desktop to allow you to access your to-dos no matter where you are. Add, organize, and set reminders with Microsoft To-Do.

Download Microsoft To-Do

Google store has numerous apps that can help you stay organized. While each of them has their own pros and cons, you are sure to find the best Android to-do list app that fits all your needs.

Keep Your 2018 New Year Resolution with Android’s Best Health & Fitness App

The New Year has just begun and so have those resolutions to get fit. Are you beginning to feel you are going to the gym so much there is hardly time for much else? Well, with the help of some excellent apps for your Android phone, going to the gym is not the only way to get fit. We gathered Android’s best health and fitness apps to help you keep your 2018 New Year resolution.

Pocket Yoga

There are many health benefits of yoga, including help with muscle strength, posture, flexibility, and much more. But, going to the gym for classes takes time and money not everyone has making the app Pocket Yoga a must want for anyone looking to get fit.

Pocket Yoga includes 5 sets of workouts with different “environments” or backgrounds for each. In addition to environment, you choose the difficulty level and duration of each one. There are audio instructions and a running animation that shows the proper posture. If you wish to practice a specific pose, the app has a vast list to choose from.

Pocket Yoga is available for $2.99

Sworkit Lite

Circuit training is available in bite-sized pieces with Sworkit. This app is designed to work on your schedule; meaning you can set how long you wish to workout, no matter if you have only 5 minutes or an entire hour. There are pre-made workouts listed in four main categories: Yoga, Cardio, Stretching, and Strength. Or create your own personalized workout by copying a workout from their list or choose from dozens of exercises available.

Sworkit has more than a dozen workouts which you can copy and customize and more than 160 exercises available to choose from. When choosing from the apps available workouts, you are given several options, such as how long you will be going for and what part of the body you want to focus on. To ensure you are using the proper form during the workout, you will get a video of each exercise.

Sworkit Lite is available for Free and Sworkit Pro for $2.99

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

You can work out almost every day of the week, but without knowing what kind of calories you are taking in, you are likely not going to achieve your goal. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal takes care of this for you. You are asked to input your height and weight as well as activity level when you log into the app and a calorie goal is created for you.

You have the ability to log all your meals and snacks and receive reminders to do so if you want. Add your own recipes and favorite foods or get a breakdown value of the many foods available on the app. Also, keep track of your measurement and weight goals with MyFitnessPal tracking tool.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is available for Free or upgrade for $49.99 a year or $9.99 a month

Make keeping your 2018 resolutions simple by using one of the many health and fitness apps available for Android.

Reasons to Choose Android Over iPhone


Although iPhone has leaped forward some last year, Android remains the better choice for many reasons, some of which include:

More Choices

With Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X, consumers are offered more choices than ever. However, they’re still offered only three screen sizes to choose from and only two designs. Android phones are available with more options such as different screen sizes, waterproof phones, more colors, different materials, and more.

By choosing Android over iPhone consumers can choose the design and size they want, a great camera, replaceable battery, or other features without being limited to a mere three phones to receive the latest features.

Headphone Jack

Apple iPhone no longer comes equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack since their introduction of the iPhone 7. To listen to music on an iPhone consumer must connect Bluetooth headphones, or purchase a wired set that utilizes Apple’s Lightning connector.

On the other hand, Android users have the ability to connect a 3.5mm headphone. These headphones can be purchased for as low as $3 or as high as $300 for the highest quality.

USB Type-C

To connect to your computer or charge an iPhone, users need a cable that utilizes Apple’s Lightning port. No devices, except for iPad and iPhone charge over Lightning. This makes it impossible to share cables from other accessories.

A USB Type-C port is utilized for charging most new Android phones, allowing users the ability to access a wide range of peripherals and ports, such as docking stations and universal chargers.

Incredible Customization

By purchasing an Android, consumers enjoy more customization than on iPhone. The overall look of the Android home screen can be changed when installing a new launcher. Other customizations Android users enjoy is the option to change themes as well as other tweaks. Some companies such as Samsung are going even further with the ability to customize themes.

More Hardware Options

Phones utilizing the Android platform are available across the globe with small screens, big screens, replaceable batteries, QWERTY keyboards, and modular add-ons.

Although the latest iPhone design is water-resistant as are some Android phones, consumers who are worried about breaking their phone should consider one of Android’s rugged handsets.


Android 7 Nougat, as well as Android 8 Oreo, features a built-in mode for a multiwindow. This allows users to multi-task. For example, check your email while also viewing your company’s website. Android phones from Samsung and LG already had a split-screen view before these updates. A split-screen view is not available for iPhones, only with their tablets.

Of course, iPhones and Androids have both disadvantages and advantages. However, we listed only a fraction of reasons why Android is better than iPhone. Test for yourself! You can even customize to your liking

Customize Your Phone with These Top Apps


One of the many reasons why people choose Android over iPhone is the ability to customize almost anything. Google Play store has more than 2 million apps for users to download to help with their customizing. Here are some of the top apps we gathered to customize your Android phone:



Changing wallpaper on your Android phone is simple, and with Zedge, let the wallpaper enhance your mood. Zedge includes:

  • Free wallpapers, icon packs, ringtones, notification sounds, and widgets.
  • Popular themes include landscapes, sports, inspirational quotes, abstracts, and live wallpapers as well.
  • Millions of home screen backgrounds and custom sized wallpapers

Walli – HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Another excellent choice is Walli:

  • Creative and unique wallpapers designed exclusively by artists for your Android device
  • Clearly, view which wallpapers are recent, recommended, and popular
  • Categories to browse include animals, nature, space, skulls, and much more


Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Makers allows users to create ringtones, notifications, and alarms. Users can also cut, copy, paste, fade in and out, adjust volume, and more. Easily record new audio to edit to your liking. Ringtones can be assigned by contact and re-assign if needed. Stay organized by sorting by artists, tracks, or albums.

Ringtone Maker Pro

Ringtone Maker Pro allows the user to create ringtones from their existing music and easily assign them to their contacts. Users can also create custom ringtones, alarms, notifications, and music. Ringtone Maker Pro allows you to record new sounds as well and with an organized list, users can keep track of all their ringtones.

Lock Screen

Customization of lock screen serves many purposes such as beauty, safety, and productivity. These apps have much of what we want in a single app, there is no need to download three separate apps to get productivity, beauty, and protection.

Locker Master

  • Wide variety of clever and unique methods to unlock, more than easy swiping gestures and patterns for passwords
  • Users create beautiful, complex, personalized lock screen themes
  • Vast selection of decorations, clock designs, props, and sprites to mix and match
  • Lock screen shows missed calls and unread SMS messages

CM Lockers – Applock Lock Screen

  • Pattern password and PIN lock security protects your phone from intruders
  • Snap picture of would-be intruders who attempt to enter the wrong password and instantly sends it to your e-mail
  • Filled with incredible themes, wallpapers, and password modes


Custom keyboards are available whether you want a more convenient way to type or extra functionality.

Custom keyboards include:

These are just a sample of what can be customized with your Android phone. Check out some of these apps, then see what else you can find to make the experience more personal. You can also try these offline apps for a bit more fun with your Android phone!