About iQ Android

Nathan Reed

Android Expert

This pioneer began working on android devices at the beginning of the android revolution with the original T-Mobile G1 in 2009. He designed the iQ Android logo and co-developed iQ Android custom ROM. Nathan has rooted, upgraded, brick fixed, and installed on custom ROM hundreds of android devices. Located in Eugene Oregon.

Favorite Device – Sony Xperia Play

Favorite ROM – PACROMs Jellybean

sony xperia play

Marcus Reed

Android Expert

Marcus Reed is an android developer / programmer with familiar with the latest popular devices. He started working on android with HTC Droid Incredible in 2011. Marcus has upgraded, rooted, and installed custom ROM on hundreds of android phones and tablets. Marcus is an active member of XDA Developers. Located in Alexandria, Virginia.

Favorite device – Samsung Galaxy S4

Favorite ROM – Cyanogenmod CM13

samsung galaxy s4 white