iQ! Android Devices Ready-to-Go Custom Android

Upgraded Custom Android

5inch iq android


Top Features include:

ram memorymicro sd card



overclocck cpuBoosted Speed & Performance


max battery lifeImproved Battery Life


rooted android Root Access


custom-ROM android


Customized Version of Android




free wifi tether

Extra Functions and  Features


remove bloatware apps

No Bloatware or Adware


Four Major Cell Phone Companies

Works on Any Service Carrier



  1. Wow! I really like the web site. I need to replace my Android phone and live in Northern Virginia. Looking forward to doing business with you.

  2. Marcus and Nathan know what they are doing. Seasoned professionals who are available to help you figure it all out, from Android to Windows at reasonable rates in the DMV. Glad I found them.

  3. Marcus did an amazing job for me. I was caught in cell phone hell with three previously purchased Samsung phones. I had to return each one of them after a week. Finally I purchased an unlocked Blu phone which is a lot cheaper. Not from Marcus. It was also trouble right from the beginning. Fortunately For a very fair price Marcus worked his magic and turned a cheap, problematic phone into one of the best phones I’ve ever had. It is blazing fast and does everything a 700 dollar stock Samsung can do. And that was not an easy thing to do since not a lot of developers have discovered Blu phones. I am very pleased and would recommend Marcus Reed and his formidable skills to anyone.

    David T.

  4. Incredible what these guys can do with these devices!! Transformed my Galaxy Note 3. Better tha NEW! FANTASTIC!

    Outstanding Service, Awesome Price
    Thanks guys


  5. Marcus was very professional, knowledgeable and fast. Recovered lost pictures and transformed my Note 3 into the beast it was intended to be.

  6. Marcus was awesome. My phone gave him some problems but he persevered and it’s great! I feel like I can do anything with it now. Battery lasts twice as long and the speed is faster than i’ve ever known. He truly knows his way around these things front to back.

  7. I noticed the updates to the website, looks great! Im still enjoying my Galaxy S5 but I need you guys to help me root and customize my Nexus Tab! I plan on calling you guys after work tomorrow


  8. Recently, my older version flip-phone began its dying phase and I needed help. I have been way behind the curve on the newer Android type phones since I have limited skills on this technology. Marcus has always been extremely helpful in making things simple for me and always no call-backs on his workmanship on my computer. Today, I’m firmly in the Smart-phone era with his help and I’ve always given his name to friends and others who need his services. Big-ups to Marcus!

  9. Thanks Marcus. My experience with Android phone service was excellent! I will recommend your service to anyone.

  10. A have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 that has been largely abandoned by Samsung. There were no more updates for it, had lots of bloatware and it was starting to lag and freeze on me.

    In comes Marcus, who was very professional and quickly rooted my tablet and gave me a new Operating Software to boot! Now 3 weeks later I cannot stop messing with this thing, it’s fast and a pleasure to use. Almost bought a new tablet but my modified old tablet is so quick I cant justify it. Marcus even followed up to check on me, they have a loyal customer from now on.

    Thanks to IQAndroid and Marcus.

  11. hello, I have the same shelf you samsung galaxy tab3 , I would like to know how you did , I hope it’s not PC , I expect your answer s . v . p. . . thank you

  12. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab pro ( 10.1) tablet that was on its last legs. Lag, lockups you name it. Found Marcus online and a couple hours later he gives me back my tablet. I could not believe this was the same tablet. Faster, smoother, upgraded OS, extended battery life etc. He was very professional even took the time out to show me new features on my tablet. I was sure this was to good to be true. Here I am a weeks later and I can’t put this thing down. Well done Marcus! You have a customer for life…I’ll defiantly recommend Iqandroid to any one.

  13. Marcus rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. and upgraded from KitKat 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.0.1. He was professional, personable and good. I am very happy. The extended battery life alone made this enhancement worth it. Thanks Marcus.

  14. Marcus is on point with his Android Skill and abilities. Clearly reliable, conscience repair knowledge, and conveniently located in Nova-DC metro. No need to think twice take your Android for updates here!

  15. Marcus, thank you for all of your help. Your android skills are outstanding! You run a first class business. Professional and reliable android services.

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